purelab. has a new HOME

28 08 2009

Visit purelab.’s new home at http://www.pure-lab.com


Surprise aplenty on 28 August – and hints unveil daily

23 08 2009

Dear friends,

Surprise aplenty for you will be unveiled on 28 August 2009

updated 24 Aug – Official release of pure.BASIC (Free theme for 8900, 9000 & 9630) on 28 August 2009. Exclusive to purelab.wordpress.com ONLY

update 25 Aug – Official release of pure.polar (Free theme for 8900, 9000 & 9630) on 28 August 2009. New theme!

update 26 Aug – A new look for purelab.

update 27 Aug – A new place to belong

update 28 Aug – SURPRISE!

Best Regards,



Free Blackberry 8900, 9000 & 9630 Theme: pure.play for HE & SHE

18 08 2009


VISIT US purelab. at http://pure-lab.com

This took me a long time to get it correct and as always, preview shots are a long way off the finished product.

2 days of continous work and many hours of straight sitting to do it up; almost every sitting is about 18 hours. And the porting over to BOLD & Tour is really a pain 😛 especially I don’t have the devices.

It’s like doing 6 themes at one go… don’t think I dared attempt such thing again 🙂

Here you go,

pure.play for HE + SHE

– Hidden dock with 3 user customisable icons with today text for icon 2 & 3

– one icon on home screen. Look for it, its the profile icon

– Lockscreen Wallpaper unlock

– Wallpaper friendly

– NOTE: extreme small fonts for indicators but I still can see so I guess its fine.

pure.play for he ad

pure.play for she ad

OTA Links at new site: http://pure-lab.com

Download Notes:

1)Please click on the correct OTA link

2) I do not have a 9000 & 9630 devices to test it, so any problem please email me. My response might be slow (it’s been long days)

3) Do a battery pull after your install the theme

4) Donate if you like my work. Not complusory but greatly appreciated; I only have one donor as of now -.-


pure.play (for HE & SHE) and icons are specially designed for Blackberry 8900 & 9000 & 9630 by purelab (jas0ns). pure.play is a free theme not intended for sale. purelab will not be liable for any lost of data, complications or issues arising from the installation of this theme. The theme and icons set remains the intellectual properties of purelab (jas0ns) and any form of commercialisation, replication and reproduction of this theme / design is strictly prohibited.

Work-In-Progress: HE + SHE ~ update

10 08 2009

Update: 17 August – 9.55pm (+8GMT – my time)

It’s almost ready andtesting now. Will remove all sneak peek and will release together with all the porting to BOLD and TOUR.

Theme Name changed: pure.play for HE and pure.play for SHE

Expected release in 2 Hours.

Free Blackberry 8900, 9000 & Tour Theme: pure.sound

9 08 2009


VISIT US purelab. at http://pure-lab.com

Happy Birthday Singapore!

After a long wait and inconjunction with my country’s National Day, purelab officially release pure.sound for 8900 & 9000 device owners. Only available here at purelab.wordpress.com.


– 10 icons on the homescreen

– 2 fixed icons and 8 user customizable icons

–  With Today’s area

– User friendly customizable homescreen

Please note that the battery meter and signal meter on Homescreen will need a bit of a use to for you. It just completes the look hence am not changing it. You can hit the menu button to see an alternate battery and signal meters.

pure.sound ad

Home Screen

Hope you like it.

Leaked Screenshot of pure.sound

2 08 2009

Here you have it; a leaked of purelab’s new theme for 8900 and BOLD.

pure.sound, the new theme takes the usual minimalistic route with style.

There are 10 icons on the home screen. The theme is only 30% done with only the icons set in place on the homescreen for your sneak peek.

pure.sound leaked

pure.sound leaked

pure.sound for 8900 & 9000 will be officially release on 9 August 09. The sneak peek above is only a representation of the theme at this stage and will not be the same as the official release.

Friends of purelab (add me on twitter) will exclusively receive the download link for pure.sound on 3 Aug, just 1 day away.

Wish me luck to complete the theme as I conceptualized and on time.


A milestone achieved

1 08 2009

Hi all,

A milestone for purelab.

I created the site on 27 July and officially gone live on 28 July. Less than 4 days later, on the 1 Aug 09, 1am (+8 GMT) purelab have had above 5000 hits.

As promised, the new 8900 & 9000 theme will be revealed only here on 9 August 09 for your download. Friends who have added me on twitter will preview on 3 August 09.

The bold conversion of one of my theme will be available for download on 8 August 09. As to which one, you have to help me decide by clicking on the poll on the right panel.

Thank you for your support and it is extremely encouraging with your comments, particpation and support.

Yours Sincerely,


(Edited: The new theme will be 9000 ready on luanch)