FREE Blackberry 8900, 9000 & Tour Theme: pure.system

28 07 2009


VISIT US purelab. at

Small fonts, minimalistic, clean and BLACK with today list. Icons are customisable but not wallpaper friendly especially the homescreen.


– With Today Text

– Text Icons by purelab

– Four user customizable homescreen icons

– note: design restriction means the homescreen is not wallpaper friendly

puresystem ad



*pure.system for Tour in Test mode, feel free to download and let me know if there are any problems

Alternate Wallpapers for pure.system:

Alternate Pure.system wall 2

Alternate Pure.system wall

Pure.system (flower) wall




6 responses

2 08 2009

Hi , love your theme of pure.system . AWESOME !! But I’m just wondering if you can make the sms and other fonts smaller than the today font ? :):)

2 08 2009

Hi Jr. Thanks for liking my themes. As for the fonts, its really the smallest out there, you sure you can see :p if its smaller than the today text?

3 08 2009

There is a smaller font theme called Sterling , if you like i can send you a link and i can show it to you . I really like the small font on the Sterling theme , but I’m absolutely in love with your theme !! It’d be so awesome if there was a combination of both !!

15 08 2009

Great theme! love it, but the battery is off by 5% i noticed, Not sure if its just mine but is this happening to anyone else too?

18 08 2009

I love this theme with the exception of the icons, etc in the middle of the home screen… any chance of a version with that removed??


18 08 2009

The icon is there to achieve my vision of this theme and not meant to be wallpaper friendly. It is made to be like that. Sorry it is here to stay sadly.

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