FREE Blackberry 8900, 9000 & 9630 Theme: Pure Laboratory

28 07 2009


VISIT US purelab. at

I needed a clean and sleek theme with relative small icons and fonts consistently applied throughout my Blackberry 8900.

When I couldn’t find many, I finally decided to build one myself.  Enjoy.

Pure Laboratory:

– With Today Text

– “Snow” Icon Set by Icon Block Ltd

– Featuring “gloom” edited by  egolatra as the Alarm Icon

– Four user customizable homescreen icons

Pure Lab Ad skew


Main Screen

Lock Screen:


OTA Download at




7 responses

30 07 2009

Very Like this theme, Thanks to share!

30 07 2009

Glad you like it 🙂 enjoy and do check back for more.

30 07 2009

Great idea!…will this work on 8830 with os 4.5?

30 07 2009

Hi Igost,

Sorry I don’t believe you can use a 8900 theme for other device.

31 07 2009

I really like this theme. I also like you other black themes. Any chance you would convert this theme to be a dark theme? I really like the icons and all and think it would be perfect in a darker shade.

Also, some of the text is kinda jagged on the dialogue boxes (building lists, verifying security, etc). Just thought you should know.

Thanks for the awesome themes!!

31 07 2009

Thanks fmp and glad that you like this theme.

Sorry about the jagged text on the dialogue boxes, seems that other fonts except for default fonts are rough on the edges on the theme builder. I had taken note of this and will be careful in my text selection in the future. As for converting this theme to a darker shade, I can’t tell for sure for now as I have to move on the work on other projects. Who knows I just might 🙂

Check back to see more updates.


1 08 2009
Warren Walker

These themes are awesome!! Can you please port them to a Curve 8330?

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