FREE Blackberry 8900, 9000 & 9630 Theme: pure.system overdrive

29 07 2009


VISIT US purelab. at

Thanks to one of our friend, marvzz for testing it on his BOLD.

The port over to BOLD is now complete. Here you go:

Small fonts, minimalistic, clean and BLACK like the pure.system but an OVERDRIVE version.

pure.system overdrive:

– Now with hidden top dock

– 4 User customizable icons in the hidden dock

– 4 fixed bottom icons

– With Today Text

– Highly customizable homescreen for wallpaper of your choice (you can even use a white wall to cover all icons and banners giving you a full screen wall if you don’t need the icons i.e. if you using quick launch or shortcutme).

A FREE theme for blackberry 8900

A FREE theme for blackberry 8900

Home Screen with Hidden Dock

Home Screen with Hidden Dock





18 responses

30 07 2009

A version for the Bold 9000 version would be awesome, any plans to make one?

30 07 2009

Thanks for your feedback. As I owned a BB 8900 my projects are usually for that device. But i do have plans after my current project to port it to the bold and storm. Check back often and hopefully by then i would have done it up. No promise 🙂

30 07 2009

great theme – wish bottom icons could be customizable too.

30 07 2009

The bottom theme icons was made not to be customizable so as to keep the integrity of my vision of the design for this theme.

Thanks for your kind words and feedback 🙂

30 07 2009

Yes, please pure.system overdrive for the BOLD.
It’ an wesome theme.
I hate clutter, can’t stand the comic book looking themes.

30 07 2009

The Bold Version Would be Nice! Hope to have it soon in Bold.

31 07 2009

Hi Rob and Dana,

Your wish might just come true only if the poll holds. As it stands pure.system overdrive leads Pure Laboratory by a slim 1 vote. Even if it didn’t win the vote to be converted. I will eventually convert it at a later date as I primarily build themes for my 8900 🙂

Check back for updates. Regards.

31 07 2009

Keep it simple. Nice theme jas0ns.

3 08 2009

The simplicity of this theme is highly desirable, especially with the hidden dock. I GREATLY look forward to a version for my Storm 9530 becoming available. Any clue on a timetable for that? Thanks for your beautiful work!

3 08 2009

Thanks for liking my themes. I am starting out to build for other models but as have to go slow on things as I primarily build for my own device :p and still have a backlog. Let me try my hand some time on building on Storm (not too sure if there are any difference in the way of building as it is a touch screen device) before I can let you know the time line if any.

11 08 2009

you’ve put out some great themes sir. i do share the feelings of hanson’s comment above, it would be amazing if you could make all the home screen icons customizable (or at least switch the location of the 4 customizable icons, i’d much rather be able to customize, the fixed/non-dock apps). Also, any chance we could get a “new BBM message” indicator icon? i’m on bbm alot and not having an indicator on there keeps this theme from being PERFECT! Otherwise, great work, i’m using it now!

11 08 2009

Thanks joerod for your feedback 🙂

I not too much of a BBM guy so maybe I might somehow overlooked that. Let me finished what I am doing and I will revisit that issue. As for the bottom dock, I am sorry that it is here to stay as I can visualize users putting MSN, Weatherapps icons etc there to spoil the look I intended 😛 hence giving an alternative option of placing them on the hidden dock.

Your feedback and compliments are great. Thanks!

11 08 2009
Jose L Castellanos

Hi, amazing theme! Im in love with simplistic stuff… Wish there wasnt today stuff, it makes my homescreen look dirty!

Thank you so much!!!
Greetings from Mexico

11 08 2009

Hi Jose, thanks for your feedback 🙂 Sorry about the today stuffs lol.

15 08 2009

is anyone else having a problem where the battery bar and the actual battery life is off?

18 08 2009

I like the look of this one as well… any plans for a Tour version??

18 08 2009

It is in testing; should be out in a day.

21 08 2009
pure.system for Tour - Page 3 - BlackBerry Forums at

[…] can download pure.system overdrive for TOUR below now. Link to pure.system overdrive for Tour __________________ My Stuffs Wall Paper made for my 8900 curve All my themes here Last edited […]

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