Free Blackberry 8900, 9000 & Tour Theme: pure.sound

9 08 2009


VISIT US purelab. at

Happy Birthday Singapore!

After a long wait and inconjunction with my country’s National Day, purelab officially release pure.sound for 8900 & 9000 device owners. Only available here at


– 10 icons on the homescreen

– 2 fixed icons and 8 user customizable icons

–  With Today’s area

– User friendly customizable homescreen

Please note that the battery meter and signal meter on Homescreen will need a bit of a use to for you. It just completes the look hence am not changing it. You can hit the menu button to see an alternate battery and signal meters.

pure.sound ad

Home Screen

Hope you like it.




10 responses

10 08 2009

Wow this is VERY cool! I actually got it before you released it here (from your Twitter) but I thought I commented. I just have to say that this is so cool! I love the icons and the bars for them that make up the patterns on the homescreen! You’re right, the signals take some getting used to, but overall this is a VERY cool theme, thanks a LOT!! =]

10 08 2009

Thanks joanne 🙂 Sorry about the signals; so happen it completes the look. Will be careful on that on the next theme. Great to hear your comments.

11 08 2009

Sick! Absolutely LOVE this theme! Been looking around for something dj related
forever now… So glad someone did something and did it very well…
My hat is off and I really appreciate all the hard wurk that went into this!
Thanks again and love your wurk!
P.s. My screen name on crackberry is imadj1200… This theme fits me

11 08 2009

🙂 glad you found what you been looking for and a liking to my themes. See ya often ya.

18 08 2009

Absolutely love this theme… very clean and very very striking at the same time. However, I can’t get it to display any of my calendar events in the hidden today area and messages no longer display once they’ve been read. Is this normal for all “hidden today” themes or is there a trick to get this to work? I do have my SMS inbox set to “separate” and it does display on hover when it’s new.

18 08 2009

hmm.. it shouldnt be the case, there isnt any trick for the today to show; mine is fine so far and don’t see anything wrong in the builder, maybe try a battery pull or reinstall the theme to see if it’s ok.

18 08 2009

Well, as it turns out the calendar stuff started working after I added an event on the blackberry itself. However, the messages still disappear after they’ve been read. Weird. Maybe an issue with 4.7.1 on the 9630?

18 08 2009

Might be bro, but have not heard about it from anyone so far or from the release notes from plazmic. Guess we have to wait and see if there is an update; might rectify the problem if there is.

18 08 2009

Well it’s happened on all three of the hidden today themes I’ve tried so far so I’m guessing it’s a common issue. I’m ok with it though. If I want to read my already read messages I can just go into my inbox. Hardly a big deal. Amazing theme in any case. Just one more question, though. I see a little icon much like the AIM running man logo in the bottom center next to the time. I don’t see it in your screenshots. What is it?

18 08 2009

It’s your alarm icon.

Thanks for your compliment 🙂 Appreciate it

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