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Here is the hall of fame dedicated for those who had helped me in anyway to make this site possible. They are all important to me and the list is in no particular order.

Theme Creation Acknowledgement:

Icon Block Limited for providing “snow” icons for Pure Laboratory

egolatra for providing “gloomy” (aka the blue bear) icon for the alarm icon in Pure Laboratory Theme for Disk Jockey Vector Souce Icon in pure.sound

Waldog (Jesse) for his advice for my very first theme creation; Pure Laboratory

ashabee for her tutorial on creating hidden docks in composer for pure.system overdrive

marvzz for testing out pure.system overdrive for BOLD on his device

– All generous free theme makers for setting a good example for me to follow to share for free.

– All theme makers (free or premium) for providing quality themes for all Blackberry owners to be able to have a choice to really customize their beloved devices the way they wanted it to be.

OTA Links Hosting

mrtolles for hosting all my OTA links.

Volcom from Crackberry for hosting my OTA links


– All forums’ (those I frequent) members for their generous praise, constructive feed backs, useful suggestions and important critiques.

– All vistors, repeat visitors and faithfuls for visiting The numbers of hits had been and always an encouragement.

– All who left a comment,email, PM, BBM, SMS and messages in any form for me so that I can improve on my work.

– All who downloaded purelab’s themes, it is nice to know you share my taste.

– All who had helped me in anyway whom I failed to mentioned (if any). It is not my intention to not acknowledge you but I am just forgetful. Do drop me a remainder in anyway to bash me up.


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