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4 08 2009

Very sleek…simplicity is the best…love it…thanks for making these themes…btw i am an 8900 user from indonesia…glad that i found this site…will promote to all my friends who’re using 8900 ( quite a lot but most of my friends are using 9000 ) about this cool website…thanks again…i look forward for your other themes to come…ciao

4 08 2009

Hi Fendy,

Thank you for your comments. I am from Singapore and that make us fellows in this part of the world 🙂

Glad you like what I have here. See ya more often.

5 08 2009

I am having difficulties with this downloading onto my phone. I am from Canada and I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to fix this problem. Thanks!

5 08 2009

Hi Phuong,

I am sure all the links are working fine. Do try again.

8 08 2009


I was able to download all files with no problem. I’m from Canada too. Perhaps there is some security things to look into?

14 08 2009

awesome themes.

17 08 2009

thank you so much for the free themes and for your effort. love them. am currently using and loving ur pure.system overdrive. btw, am frm Malaysia. nice to knw ur frm a plc not so far away 😉

17 08 2009

Hi there neighbour 🙂 Glad you like the themes.

19 08 2009

hi, i absolutely love your themes! i was wondering if you would ever consider, or is there any in the works, as far as 8330 themes?

i’d be more than happy to donate/pay!

19 08 2009

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for your comment 🙂

8330 has a small screen and the permissible icon size is very small and if it were to use my text icons, I am afraid it will be too small for anyone to see. I had considered it before, but for my theme, its already small for the eyes and if it was ported over, I can’t imagine the size and even so, it will need a major rework to make everything fit in there.

Hope you understand the constraint. I don’t want you to donate for something you cannot use.

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